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The twins slipped into the club like shadows, dancers and patrons moving away from them without even realizing it. Kale smirked at Trever as he gestured his head towards the bar where a pair of girls sat staring out at the dancers, obviously longing to be out among them. Trever smiled widely just as he began to saunter to the girls, Kale following him just a step behind. The girls saw them, dressed practically alike in tight jeans (Trever in black, Kale in blue, shirts and leather jackets, and stared not believing that they were being approached.

"Hi," Trever said taking the girl on the left, a short blond with a bob haired cut and just slightly over weight. Not enough to make her fat, but enough to take her out of the skinny anorexic category. Well rounded perhaps. Nice and curvy.

"Um, hi," the blond said, barely able to speak. The idea of two devastatingly handsome men leaning next to her and her friend, a brunette with long hair and pale blue eyes that squinted. Perhaps she wore glasses and wasn't tonight to try and look more attractive.

"I'm Kale and that's my brother, Trever."

The two girls looked at the twins, smiling shyly. "Hi. I'm Casey," The brunette said.

"And I'm Shelly."

"Lovely to meet you," Kale purred smoothly. "Can we buy you two some drinks?"

Casey blushed and then nodded. "Sure," she said softly. Trever waved over the bartender and ordered the four of them drinks while Kale engaged the girls in small talk. When the drinks came Trever passed them out, talking to Shelly while Kale wrapped Casey around his finger. The two girls were so desperate for attention, especially from good looking boys that they let the twins spin them out onto the dance floor. They didn't even notice when the twins danced with themselves and not the girls for a bit. After all the music was loud and everyone danced with everyone else. And the twins did pay attention to them, holding them tight, grinding into them, whispering soft promises into their ears about a night they'll never forget.

As the night waned they found themselves being pulled out of the club, laughing from perhaps too much drink. The twins also laughed, but they didn't seem as drunk as the girls. If they had been sober they might have noticed the look on their faces. A hungry look. They pulled the girls into a car. A nice fancy car, convertible, white, slick, shiny and expensive. Top down, for it was warm night, not a cloud to be seen in the smoggy LA sky, and they drove up to Mulholland to look over the valley.

Trever leaned over to nuzzle and touch Casey while Kale did the same to Shelly. The girls sighed softly up until fangs bit into their necks.

Bodies tossed into the bushes, Trever leaned over and playfully nipped at Kale's neck as he started up the car. Kale laughed, putting the car into reverse and heading back down to the city. Dawn was coming and they didn't want to be caught outside.
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Trever was Kale and Kale was Trever and this was a truth that the both of them knew. It was a Truth even, with a capital T much like the Force existed they knew that they were One and not Two and that being Two was wrong. Tobias tried to comfort Kale telling him that he could be his own One and not a One with Trever. That he could be his own person. But Tobias didn't understand. He hadn't known what it was like being One and he didn't know how it felt to be Two instead of One. He never had another half. And he didn't know how to explain that there was only One soul between the Two of them. And souls were not meant to be broken in two. They really were one person. Perhaps they weren't meant to be twins at all, but one child who got broken in two. They didn't know. But they didn't talk about it even though they knew the other thought the same thing. For they were a balance. One light and one dark. Trever knew that he could never send Kale completely to the Dark Side just as Kale knew he could never bring Trever completely to the Light Side. But it didn't bother them at all, because that was how it was supposed to be.

Perhaps, yes, it was unnatural, as Revan had constantly told them. But it wasn't their fault, it was just the way they were and they couldn't help it at all. They wished they could tell someone find the words to explain it. But they could only say it with Ones and Twos. They were afraid to mention souls. They didn't know how the others would react. So they just pretended that they were Two as they tried to be One. But couldn't. Kale had been cut off so completely that they could never be whole again. They were just two halves of the one soul staring at each other across the gulf never to be able to connect again.

Forever broken.
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"You realize," Kale said as he laid on Trever's bed, "If dad's alive, he's going to ground us to the next millennium."

Trever snorted, looking up from the book he was reading. Sitting on a chair he had his bare feet up on the bed. "We're twenty one. A bit old for grounding."

"You actually think that'll stop him?" Kale looked at his twin eyebrows raised.

"Point." Trever admitted. "How's Tobias?"

"He's okay. Resting."

"Why aren't you with him?"

He shrugged, "Wanted to be alone for a bit." Trever didn't ask, 'then why are you here?' because he knew that the two of them together still constituted being alone. Even with their bond shattered and Kale a hole in the Force the two of them still had trouble with thinking of themselves as individuals. They were getting better at it, but it would take a long time before they thought of themselves as two instead of one. "Do you think he's alive?"

"I don't know," Trever said quietly. "He'll be so... disappointed."

"Yeah. We really fucked up."

"Big time."

"It'd be nice, I think,, if he was alive."

"Mom'll be pissed for making her worry."

"I wonder what she's up to. Her and Naldin."

Trever looked at Kale curiously, "You mean you haven't talked to her recently?"

"No. Not since I left."

"She's gonna ground us too."

"... Yeah. We're fucked."

"Not going to be allowed out of the house until we're fifty."

"If we're lucky."


Nov. 13th, 2007 01:06 pm
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In one of those weird knowing what the other is thinking moments -even though they weren't Force Bonded as strongly any more, if anything they were just barely aware of the others presence- they decided to try to be different from the other. It was perhaps mutual consent without conferring with the other.

Both of them found it strange and something they had to consciously make the effort to do. Trever took the initiative by getting his hair cut so it didn't flop all over the place and shaved his goatee. Kale did not. Though he almost did. It felt strange looking at Trever; they were no longer mirror images.

Kale put away his lightsaber, he didn't even wear it. That had been hard. But he did it because as he was, he couldn't be a Jedi any more. It was symbolic, really. He knew he could still use it. He didn't need the Force to use a weapon, but it didn't feel right for him to do so. Jedi used them, not... whatever he was. Practically dead to the Force. Trever had been upset when he did so, but didn't say anything about it.

Trever moved into another bedroom. It was sort of saying that the two of them had "broke up" and weren't going to be sleeping with each other anymore. Kale stayed with Tobias, still afraid to be alone. Trever became moody at this, but didn't try to intervene or take Kale away.

They still wore similar clothes, but not identical, and different outfits. They agreed that it would be silly to ditch the clothes they had when they were still good and fit.

Trever wondered if he could continue his training. Kale wondered what he should do with himself. Breaking and entering really wasn't a good career path.

On a whim -which had been strange - Kale got his ear pierced. Trever had stared at that one and then laughed. Kale promptly tackled him and for a moment it had been like old times.

Stopping only after Trever had given Kale a black eye, they rested against each other, back to back.

"Actually," Trever said, "It doesn't look that bad at all."

"It hurt," Kale said, gingerly touching his eye.

"Which is why I'm not getting one."
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Moodily, Kale sat on the wing of the ship, resting his chin on his knees, arms wrapped around his legs. And, he was alone.

Trever had gone off somewhere. It was the first time since his twin had reappeared that they had been separated. Trever hadn't said where he was going and Kale couldn't get it out of him through their bond.

For the first time in a long time, he felt alone. Confused.

He tugged absently at his gloves, making sure they fit snuggly.

Perhaps this entire Jedi thing was a bad idea. He didn't seem to be cut out for it... and really... someone like him... the way he so easily picked up personalities from people he touched... how easily they swam to the surface. Sometimes he didn't know who he was. Who he wasn't.

Carcer, Revan, Axis, Tobias, Trever, his mom, dad and older brother, that trader he met once, Luke Skywalker... all sorts swimming around in his head.

He had managed to keep them under control most of the time, but lately... lately... it had been so hard.

Tugging his gloves again, he stared out into nothing.
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The twins lay together in a tangled mass of limbs, one resting his head on the chest of the other as they slept, the blanket twisted between them like a vine. With their shirt and pants off, it was easier to tell which twin was which. Though you wouldn't think it would be. But while they were dressed they looked virtually identical, without clothes, the scars from farm life and other things created enough differences to tell them apart.

One seemed to have more animal scars than mechanical ones. The other in reverse. On the shoulder of one, a blaster scar. Across the chest of the other, a lightsaber scar. That one was recent. Barely healed.

Perhaps Trever (for it was Trever with that scar) had gotten into trouble with his Masters over something.

Perhaps his Masters would come looking for him.
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Right, so that was never good.

Kale examined the hole in the wall that he created when ... well.. .firing off his heavy blaster. He wasn't really sure how he was going to explain this to Revan or Tobias. After all, technically, he didn't have a good reason for doing it except that he let his temper get the better of him.

It didn't look good. At least it was a clean shot. Right?

He was doomed.
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Kale didn't mean to.

Okay, perhaps he did.

He had a free moment or two from training with Tobias and had been in the living room lazing about when the electronics had caught his eye. They were practically archaic, if they had ever existed in his universe. But he had never seen them before coming here. A sudden desire to see how they worked stole over him.

He found his tool kit (it was under the bed for some reason) and set upon taking the DVD player apart. With in a half an hour he had all the parts spread out before him as he examined how each of them worked and what they were for.


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