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Right, so, I might as well introduce myself. Though I don't really know why, this is just my own journal and everything. Still, you never know.

My name is Kale Delvar. I was born on the rather backwards planet of Garqi on the outer rim. I have a twin brother named Trevar who's about a half an hour older than me and an older brother named Nalden. My father is dead and my mother is not. I'm twenty one years old.

Currently I'm serving aboard a stolen Imperial Guardian class light cruiser as pilot. The ship is called "the Empire's Bounty". I think the Captain was having a go at humor when he named it. Our captain is Brosk. Engineering is taken care by Keada and security is by a fourth degree droid who is a bit trigger happy called BX-79. Currently we have two passengers, Joseph and Zhin-ja. They claim to be Jedi.

Most of the time we do smuggling runs with occasional missions for the Rebels. It's for the rebels that we've picked up Joseph and Zhin-ja. They think because of that they can tell us what to do, but I'm not taking orders from some kid who's still got pimples all over his face. Brosk can tell me what to do.

I think that's it for now.


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