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Haha. Even more catch up than with Trever.

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The Delvars have a fine old history. We can trace our line back to Revan himself. Revan isn't too happy about this. He doesn't like us very much. I guess I can't blame him. He's very good at holding grudges and I did hurt him pretty badly. Even if I wasn't in my right mind when I did it. I was, however, in his mind. I was him in someways. I'd absorbed a good deal of him though my psychometry. He utterly overwhelmed a lot of the others in my head.

He's amazing. The sheer raw power. The brilliance. The things that he did... dark and light are just unbelievable. But I remember it just as if I did it. I think that's how I scored those hits on him. I used his memories on how to fight. Force knows that I don't have the skill for it.

I'm no Master Jedi or Sith Lord.

I never will be.

I also remember his feelings to Bastilla. She loved him, but she controlled him. He doesn't like that. I can't blame him. Though I don't understand why he blames her child, his child. The baby didn't do anything against him and I thought -think- that children are highly treasured in both Mandalorian and Jedi cultures.

Maybe not Sith.

Still, it doesn't seem fair.

Maybe its because he wishes Trever and I, and the rest of us, were never born.

I wonder, sometimes, if he's a tiny eeny weeny bit jealous of me and Tobias. After all, they were lovers too, when they both were young.

patient: Kale Delvar (Star Wars OC)
partners: Trever Delvar [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias Donn [livejournal.com profile] force_killer
Word count: 264
Fandom: Star Wars
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Kale woke up alone and screamed. Trever wasn't there next to him. He didn't even feel him leave. But that was normal. Trever woke up earlier than him to check on the animals. He liked the animals more than Kale did. But this time it was different.

Trever wasn't there. On the farm. On the planet. He could barely sense him. Away gone. Far. He didn't know where. Trever hid it from him.

"Kale!" his mother cried, rushing into the room. Naldin just behind her. "What's wrong?" She sat on the bed and put her arms around him. He leaned into her, sobbing, clutching at her.

"He's gone, he's gone, he's gone," he repeated over and over again. "Gone, gone, gone."

Talia ran her hand through his hair, like she did to scare away nightmares when Kale was a child. "Trever?" Though Kale knew she knew that even before she said it. Who else would it be? Their father had died. Who else would it be? "Where did he go Kale?"

"I don't know! He's hiding." He shuddered, clutching tighter to her like a life line.

"Hiding? Why would he be hiding?"

"I don't know!" Kale wailed again. His mother made shushing noises, rocking him.

"Shh...you'll find him again. You will."


"I don't know. But you will. You two can't be apart long. You never are," she said. "You'll find him soon enough."

Kale curled up away from her, even though she was right, it still hurt. Like he had been stretched far in half.

Patient: Kale Delvar
Partners: Trever Delvar and Tobias Donn
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Word count: 256
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I think the idea of having a soulmate is... utterly ridiculous. Well, I think that's the wrong words. Highly improbable. Of course then there's the Force which works in mysterious ways and connects to all life so perhaps it does make someone more compatible with someone else. But I don't like the idea of there's someone I'm destined for. It means that all other relationships are just crap until you find the right one. They don't have the same importance. All relationships... good and bad are important. They let you change and learn things. Force knows I have a bad relationship with Revan. It started okay, but took a turn for the worst. I wish I could fix it somehow. It sort of haunts me, having screwed it up like that, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to fix it.

But back on soulmates. How would you even know your soulmate is your soulmate? And what's wrong with going through multiple relationships not looking for the one? If you find someone you want to be with, then good. But what happens if you find someone you love, they don't turn out to be your soulmate and then you meet your soulmate? Do you just leave that other person behind, through them by the wayside because they're not the right one?

Of course my dating experience is extremely limited. This is just what I think.

Do I love Tobias? Yes. Do I think he's my soulmate? Probably not. Though, Trever is the other half of my soul, that's a different circumstance all together.

Patient: Kale Delvar
partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Words: 267
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Insomnia had claimed him again, as it always did. Tonight he had Trever and Tobias on either side of him. The K in a T sandwich. He stared at the ceiling, hearing the cat probably breaking something. His mind drifted out to his parents who were at the compound, asleep together just like the three of them were. Should be.

And then to Carcer and Revan. He couldn't understand them. How could Revan wear a collar like that? To utterly submit like that. He didn't think he could do that. He couldn't do that. Perhaps because he wasn't submissive. He didn't demand to be on top, to dominate, he just wanted equality. And then they were sort of married.

To death do you part. He didn't think that he could do that. Promise that. Not with Tobias. As dearly as he loved him, he couldn't promise that. Fortunately, he supposed, he knew that Tobias would never ask that of him. He was too noble and not want to do that because he was probably going to go out and kill himself one of these days.

He rested his chin on Tobias' shoulder, feeling the man sleep. His even breathing in and out. His fingers traced the lines of Tobias' face and he leaned over to whisper. "I can't promise you forever or until death, but I do promise I love you. Right now. Even if it may change in the future. I do love you and I did love you. "

Patient: Kale Delvar
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
word count: 251
Notes: Carcer and Revan belong to other people part of Kale's on going RP. Mentioned without permission.
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It's funny. Trever and I went from having no family to a lot of family. We grew up in an utter backwater planet only known for its agricultural college. Just us, Naldin and our parents. But we came from a huge family. A clan with a high percentage of force users. Red head and Force sensitive is what they called the Delvars. Then the Jedi purge happened and they all died.

Or so we thought. See, the non-Force sensitive Delvars survived. But I'll get to them in a minute. First the immediate family.

My father is Calenvir Delvar, a Jedi Master with a very strong gift of foresight. He has the Delvar hair and eyes. He's sort of stoic, I think. Or maybe just thoughtful. He's the one who taught me and Trever the basics of the Force. He's become head of the family, which is something that tires him.

Mom is named Talia. She was born a Corillian noble and left to become a mercenary and bounty hunter. She traveled with some Mandalorians for a while and picked up Mando'a. She has a talent with building and modifying weapons and things. I think I picked that up from her. Her favorite weapon is a modified blaster rifle that she calls her VBB which means Very Big Blaster. She's very threatening with it and a damn good shot.

Naldin is our older brother, by five years. He's not Force Sensitive, like mom, though he does have the Delvar hair and eyes. Brilliantly bright red and green. He's very sneaky and likes to cook. When we were younger he always managed to miss any pranks we played on him. His favorite, or at least preferred, weapon is a knife. Throwing knives. Any sort of knife. Though he's damn good with a blaster pistol. Mom made sure we all knew how to shoot.

Then there's Trever. My twin. My other half. He's me and I'm him. That's all there is to it.

Patient: Kale Delvar
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Words: 327
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Kale looked at Trever and then down at his feet. He couldn't look Trever in the eye. He couldn't bear to see the rejection and hurt in his twin's face. His feet were easier to look at instead of the mirror of his twin.

"What were you thinking?" Trever asked, just a hint of anger in his voice.

He looked up a little, "I like him Trever, I like him a lot, I like being with him."


"And we really shouldn't I mean..."

"Shouldn't what? Do what we do? Even if it feels right? If it makes us feel whole?" Trever stepped up to him. "It's us, only us."

Looking up, Kale got a hard look on his face. "No. We're one, not two. It doesn't mean that I was cheating, because we're one."

"And now? Now what will you do? What will he do?"

"I dunno. We'll see. But we're one. We're always one, no matter what."

Patient: Kale Delvar
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer

[5.1] Lie.

Mar. 20th, 2008 09:13 am
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I'm doing okay.

I don't want to hide away.

I don't love you. Either of you.

I've forgiven you.

No, you're right, we shouldn't bomb them from orbit with tactile missiles for what he did to me.

Feeling an echo of the Force isn't worth maybe becoming like Nihilus.

If you went away, I'd be okay. If you died, I'd be okay.

Patient: Kale Delvar
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith & Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer
words: 65
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I really shouldn't answer this one, but things going on around home have made this one feel like the one to answer. First things first, there is no possible way to have a child between the three of us. Logically though. Illogically, I suppose there would be. There's some questions of who would be the carrier of the baby and the parent, because I'm not having a kid with Trever and he's not having one with me, so that leaves Tobias and one of us. Though, I suppose, Tobias could get both of us pregnant and then one of us gets him pregnant.

And I just creeped myself out.

Anyway, I believe the kid would have red hair. That would be from our side of the family. Maybe Tobias' eyes. I'd like that. I like his eyes a lot. Height... well we're both about the same size... and build. Of course, dad's kinda tall, so I dunno. The kid would, of course, be adorable.

I think I'd like a girl.

Mom would love that.

The one thing I wonder about, however, is she would be Force Sensitive or not. I don't know if what Tobias and I are will be passed down. I mean, it's one thing with like Naldin who just isn't Force Sensitive, but he's still in the Force and it's another thing when you're just torn from it. If you're not connected to it can you pass being connected to it to your kids? Of course it's a genetic thing to be Force Sensitive, how many Midicloreans or what not. But, I guess, all of mine and Tobias' are dead.

A child like that would be dangerous.

Probably not a good idea.

Still... I'd like a girl.

Patient's name: Kale Delvar
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Partners: Trever Delvar [Bad username or site: Hidden Sith @ livejournal.com] & Tobias Donn [Bad username or site: Force Killer @ livejournal.com]
Word count: 290


Mar. 6th, 2008 10:18 am
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It's a bit of a threesome. Tobias gets up really early and drags Trever out of bed for some Force meditation exercises. I get to sleep in a bit. I've been having trouble sleeping so Tobias wants me to at least have a little bit more time in bed.

The meditation was ... interesting. A connecting to the Force. Tobias keeps on trying (unintentionally) to form a Force Bond with Trever, but for some reason keeps on failing. Sometimes I wonder if he's immune to them since Trever and I broke apart. Our Force bond was everything. It made us whole.

We do breakfast after that. I'm not allowed to cook any more. Some reason I just utterly fail at it. I wonder if that's because we're becoming more individualistic. Sometimes Naldin will send over food. He's gotten the cooking gene. Since the family has moved into that compound he's been in charge of feeding everyone and he couldn't be happier. Breakfast is always ways fun though. We tease Tobias horribly, making him flustered. Darth Vina usually tries to get up on the table and eat with us. Sometimes I think she does it because she likes being picked up by the Force and dropped off the table. Trever and I take turns sitting on Tobias' lap or nibbling on his ear. Just silly things like that.

Afterwards we all sort of split up. Trever go over to the family compound for a while to help dad with the training of the little ones. I stay home. I have to. I'm not allowed to leave the house. They're afraid Darth Nihilus will get his hands on me and that would be Bad. It's driving me crazy.

Dad comes over in the afternoon to work on lightsaber techniques. Both he and Tobias insist that I continue to learn how to fight with one even if I doesn't want to.

We get free time once that's done. We'll harangue Tobias or just hang out with him. Sometimes we'll work in the workshop. If dad thinks it's safe Trever and I will go out for a little while. I have to stay with him and if we get even the slightest hint of Nihilus we have to PINpoint home. Kale loves those times. I'm getting really stir crazy sometimes. Trever worry about me. Tobias does too. Of course Tobias worries about everyone.

Dinner's oft the same as breakfast, though sometimes we'll have it at the compound. Tobias usually ends up somewhat traumatized. Our little cousin Annalia has decided that she's in love with him and they're going to get married. She's four, so it's okay.

Then it's quiet time. We'll read or watch a vid, but mostly just be together. The three of us.

Things have been a lot better since Tobias actually told Trever he loved him. The bastard seems to think that saying it through the Force was good enough. But sometimes you just need to hear it out loud.

Force that's a routine. But I guess if you're training it makes sense.

Patient: Kale Delvar
Fandom: Star Wars (OC)
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It's his fault I'm like this. Like this. Like him. Empty-broken. He tore me away from life, from Trever, from my other half. And yet I still cling to him.

I know he didn't mean it. No. I know he didn't want to do it. I don't understand why he did it. Following orders is hardly an excuse. He's far too... I don't know, I thought he was to smart to do that.

Apparently not.

I can't sleep. I can hear the echoes in my mind, millions screaming in agony, hatred, despair. I don't know how to block them out. I don't tell him. It would just make him worry more. And all he does is worry.

And he feels guilty about what happened to me. I know that. How could he not though? It's his fault. He had a choice. He didn't have to do what Revan told him to do. Orders or not. It doesn't matter.

Now I'm empty. Dangerous. I can't leave the house except to go to the compound least someone try to take me and turn me into a weapon. It's driving me crazy.

But I can't tell him. He cares too much for me. I don't want to hurt him.

Even if it is his fault.

Patient: Kale Delvar
Fandom: Star Wars, OC
Words: 212
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I'm going to go with Tobias, because... Trever's a bit obvious, no?

We met in this interdimensional place. I was walking past him and got smacked silly. Not by him. Not physically, at least. See, Tobias isn't connected to the Force any more.

What's the Force? It's what holds the universe together. It exists in almost every living being. Some people are born with the ability to sense it and they can manipulate things. It's like being connected to the galaxy. Tobias is not connected. He got forcibly ripped from it and he's like this hole in the Force. Imagine a sheet of cloth and then a hole cut out in the cloth. That's Tobias. And of course people who can see the cloth are going to notice the hole.

Which is what I did. We started talking and he turns out to be a Jedi Master and I'm a young Force Sensitive with no training. So he offers to teach me. I accepted because I always wanted to be a Jedi.

Patient's NameKale Delvar
Fandom:Star Wars
Word Count:223
Patient’s Partner: Tobias Donn (in this case)

It's really weird cause he's about twenty years older than me and we're about four thousand years apart in our respective times. It just seemed to happen randomly. Sure, lots of things have happened since then, but we're still sort of happy.

It's funny how life throws these things at you.


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