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Name:Kale Delvar
Birthdate:Jun 2
Kale is the youngest child in a family of three boys. His oldest brother is three years older than him and the other brother is about a half an hour older, being Trever [personal profile] hidden_sith his identical twin brother. He was raised on the rim world of Garqi on a farmstead with his brothers and parents. It was a rather nice farmstead. According to his mother, Talia, the farmstead used to belong to her father as a retreat from the bustle of the inner rim worlds. Kale spent most of his time on the farmstead, mostly ignorant of galaxy events.

His father, Calenvir Delvar was a Jedi Knight and part of a rare family of Correllian Jedi and force sensitive people who all had red hair. (There was a reason for that.) He met Kale's mother, a bounty hunter, on a mission where they ended up rescuing each other. They stayed in touch as friends and it eventually developed into more. Calenvir got a force vision of Order 66 and but no one believed him, not even his own family. So, he did the only thing he thought he could do - he quit the Jedi Order and moved to Garqi, a boring farm planet out in the outer rim. There he and Talia had their three sons, two of whom were force sensitive.

Eventually, after a long and dull childhood, Trever got it into his head to go out into the galaxy and see what he could do, maybe find someone who would train him in the Force, as their father only gave him the basics. He took a transport and ran off, stealing one of their father's lightsabers. A few weeks later, Kale followed him, stealing his father's other lightsaber, but ended up getting drafted into the Republic Army as a pilot and mechanic with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant where he got stuck shuttling a trio of Jedi Padawans around instead of being able to find his twin.

[End Saga Edition Star Wars RP backstory]

Powers and abilities Kale is Force Sensitive. His two best uses of the Force is psychometry, the ability to look into a target's past and gain information from it based on the thoughts and emotions of the person holding the object (Star Wars Saga Edition; the Clone Wars campaign Guide , specializing in Technometry - the ability to read technological devices and in some cases control them. (ibid) and Mind Trick. He's also a skilled mechanic and pilot.

This version of Kale is based on the Star Wars: Saga Edition Role Playing game and is being used for RP purposes only. Dohmnall Gleeson belongs to himself, but is a very delightful looking redhead.
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