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Insomnia had claimed him again, as it always did. Tonight he had Trever and Tobias on either side of him. The K in a T sandwich. He stared at the ceiling, hearing the cat probably breaking something. His mind drifted out to his parents who were at the compound, asleep together just like the three of them were. Should be.

And then to Carcer and Revan. He couldn't understand them. How could Revan wear a collar like that? To utterly submit like that. He didn't think he could do that. He couldn't do that. Perhaps because he wasn't submissive. He didn't demand to be on top, to dominate, he just wanted equality. And then they were sort of married.

To death do you part. He didn't think that he could do that. Promise that. Not with Tobias. As dearly as he loved him, he couldn't promise that. Fortunately, he supposed, he knew that Tobias would never ask that of him. He was too noble and not want to do that because he was probably going to go out and kill himself one of these days.

He rested his chin on Tobias' shoulder, feeling the man sleep. His even breathing in and out. His fingers traced the lines of Tobias' face and he leaned over to whisper. "I can't promise you forever or until death, but I do promise I love you. Right now. Even if it may change in the future. I do love you and I did love you. "

Patient: Kale Delvar
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
word count: 251
Notes: Carcer and Revan belong to other people part of Kale's on going RP. Mentioned without permission.


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