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I really shouldn't answer this one, but things going on around home have made this one feel like the one to answer. First things first, there is no possible way to have a child between the three of us. Logically though. Illogically, I suppose there would be. There's some questions of who would be the carrier of the baby and the parent, because I'm not having a kid with Trever and he's not having one with me, so that leaves Tobias and one of us. Though, I suppose, Tobias could get both of us pregnant and then one of us gets him pregnant.

And I just creeped myself out.

Anyway, I believe the kid would have red hair. That would be from our side of the family. Maybe Tobias' eyes. I'd like that. I like his eyes a lot. Height... well we're both about the same size... and build. Of course, dad's kinda tall, so I dunno. The kid would, of course, be adorable.

I think I'd like a girl.

Mom would love that.

The one thing I wonder about, however, is she would be Force Sensitive or not. I don't know if what Tobias and I are will be passed down. I mean, it's one thing with like Naldin who just isn't Force Sensitive, but he's still in the Force and it's another thing when you're just torn from it. If you're not connected to it can you pass being connected to it to your kids? Of course it's a genetic thing to be Force Sensitive, how many Midicloreans or what not. But, I guess, all of mine and Tobias' are dead.

A child like that would be dangerous.

Probably not a good idea.

Still... I'd like a girl.

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