Mar. 6th, 2008 10:18 am
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It's a bit of a threesome. Tobias gets up really early and drags Trever out of bed for some Force meditation exercises. I get to sleep in a bit. I've been having trouble sleeping so Tobias wants me to at least have a little bit more time in bed.

The meditation was ... interesting. A connecting to the Force. Tobias keeps on trying (unintentionally) to form a Force Bond with Trever, but for some reason keeps on failing. Sometimes I wonder if he's immune to them since Trever and I broke apart. Our Force bond was everything. It made us whole.

We do breakfast after that. I'm not allowed to cook any more. Some reason I just utterly fail at it. I wonder if that's because we're becoming more individualistic. Sometimes Naldin will send over food. He's gotten the cooking gene. Since the family has moved into that compound he's been in charge of feeding everyone and he couldn't be happier. Breakfast is always ways fun though. We tease Tobias horribly, making him flustered. Darth Vina usually tries to get up on the table and eat with us. Sometimes I think she does it because she likes being picked up by the Force and dropped off the table. Trever and I take turns sitting on Tobias' lap or nibbling on his ear. Just silly things like that.

Afterwards we all sort of split up. Trever go over to the family compound for a while to help dad with the training of the little ones. I stay home. I have to. I'm not allowed to leave the house. They're afraid Darth Nihilus will get his hands on me and that would be Bad. It's driving me crazy.

Dad comes over in the afternoon to work on lightsaber techniques. Both he and Tobias insist that I continue to learn how to fight with one even if I doesn't want to.

We get free time once that's done. We'll harangue Tobias or just hang out with him. Sometimes we'll work in the workshop. If dad thinks it's safe Trever and I will go out for a little while. I have to stay with him and if we get even the slightest hint of Nihilus we have to PINpoint home. Kale loves those times. I'm getting really stir crazy sometimes. Trever worry about me. Tobias does too. Of course Tobias worries about everyone.

Dinner's oft the same as breakfast, though sometimes we'll have it at the compound. Tobias usually ends up somewhat traumatized. Our little cousin Annalia has decided that she's in love with him and they're going to get married. She's four, so it's okay.

Then it's quiet time. We'll read or watch a vid, but mostly just be together. The three of us.

Things have been a lot better since Tobias actually told Trever he loved him. The bastard seems to think that saying it through the Force was good enough. But sometimes you just need to hear it out loud.

Force that's a routine. But I guess if you're training it makes sense.

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