Oct. 27th, 2008

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Personalities Kale needs to integrate.

1. Kale. Middle or youngest of three children. He and Trever looked so a like, they weren't sure who was who at first. Likes machines and building things(got that from his mom, perhaps more literally than they thought). Quiet sense of humor.

2. Trever. Kale's twin. Likes animals and fighting. Strong temper. Could be a great Jedi... or Sith. Has a tendency for precognition. Kale's other half. Lover, sort of. Gray-sider.

3. Calenvir. Kale's father. Jedi Master who fell in love with a Jedi Hunter. Father of three. Quiet and firm. A Jedi Seer.

4. Zhin-Ja. Idiot padawan traveling companion of Kale's. Believed he was always right, because he was a Jedi. Or would be a Jedi. Didn't like Kale because Kale refused to bow to that belief. Dark Sider who thought he was light.

5. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, Zhin-Ja's master. First "New" Jedi after the Purge. Met him only once. Struggling to recreate a tradition that had become lost. Vaguely wished he could have helped him. Maybe would have, if circumstances were different. Light Side.

6. Revan. Sith Lord, Jedi Knight, Chosen One, million other things. Brilliant techno-path. Dislikes Kale and his family. Perhaps Dislikes is too soft of a word. Helped only for Tobias's sake. Strongest personality Kale's ever picked up. Very Dark Gray Side.

7. Tobias, the Exile. Kale's first real lover. Perhaps. Or perhaps someone Kale just latched onto. Teacher, yes. Cut from the Force, much like he did to Kale. (Perhaps by maliciousness on Revan's part... but...) At least he did care for Kale, a little while. Which Kale needed. Gray Side, with strong Moral Jedi Leanings.

8. Carcer. Revan's lover/master/somethingoranother. Serial Killer with an innocent smile. Likes knives. Disliked Kale for hitting on Revan, when Kale thought he was Carcer. And for hurting Revan. And probably for existing in general. Probably doesn't care he exists now.

So, that's

3G (1lg+2dg) + 2L + 2D = 2.5 L + 3 D. Or 2.5 + -3= .5 D?


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