Apr. 24th, 2008

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It's funny. Trever and I went from having no family to a lot of family. We grew up in an utter backwater planet only known for its agricultural college. Just us, Naldin and our parents. But we came from a huge family. A clan with a high percentage of force users. Red head and Force sensitive is what they called the Delvars. Then the Jedi purge happened and they all died.

Or so we thought. See, the non-Force sensitive Delvars survived. But I'll get to them in a minute. First the immediate family.

My father is Calenvir Delvar, a Jedi Master with a very strong gift of foresight. He has the Delvar hair and eyes. He's sort of stoic, I think. Or maybe just thoughtful. He's the one who taught me and Trever the basics of the Force. He's become head of the family, which is something that tires him.

Mom is named Talia. She was born a Corillian noble and left to become a mercenary and bounty hunter. She traveled with some Mandalorians for a while and picked up Mando'a. She has a talent with building and modifying weapons and things. I think I picked that up from her. Her favorite weapon is a modified blaster rifle that she calls her VBB which means Very Big Blaster. She's very threatening with it and a damn good shot.

Naldin is our older brother, by five years. He's not Force Sensitive, like mom, though he does have the Delvar hair and eyes. Brilliantly bright red and green. He's very sneaky and likes to cook. When we were younger he always managed to miss any pranks we played on him. His favorite, or at least preferred, weapon is a knife. Throwing knives. Any sort of knife. Though he's damn good with a blaster pistol. Mom made sure we all knew how to shoot.

Then there's Trever. My twin. My other half. He's me and I'm him. That's all there is to it.

Patient: Kale Delvar
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Words: 327
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Insomnia had claimed him again, as it always did. Tonight he had Trever and Tobias on either side of him. The K in a T sandwich. He stared at the ceiling, hearing the cat probably breaking something. His mind drifted out to his parents who were at the compound, asleep together just like the three of them were. Should be.

And then to Carcer and Revan. He couldn't understand them. How could Revan wear a collar like that? To utterly submit like that. He didn't think he could do that. He couldn't do that. Perhaps because he wasn't submissive. He didn't demand to be on top, to dominate, he just wanted equality. And then they were sort of married.

To death do you part. He didn't think that he could do that. Promise that. Not with Tobias. As dearly as he loved him, he couldn't promise that. Fortunately, he supposed, he knew that Tobias would never ask that of him. He was too noble and not want to do that because he was probably going to go out and kill himself one of these days.

He rested his chin on Tobias' shoulder, feeling the man sleep. His even breathing in and out. His fingers traced the lines of Tobias' face and he leaned over to whisper. "I can't promise you forever or until death, but I do promise I love you. Right now. Even if it may change in the future. I do love you and I did love you. "

Patient: Kale Delvar
Partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith and Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
word count: 251
Notes: Carcer and Revan belong to other people part of Kale's on going RP. Mentioned without permission.
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I think the idea of having a soulmate is... utterly ridiculous. Well, I think that's the wrong words. Highly improbable. Of course then there's the Force which works in mysterious ways and connects to all life so perhaps it does make someone more compatible with someone else. But I don't like the idea of there's someone I'm destined for. It means that all other relationships are just crap until you find the right one. They don't have the same importance. All relationships... good and bad are important. They let you change and learn things. Force knows I have a bad relationship with Revan. It started okay, but took a turn for the worst. I wish I could fix it somehow. It sort of haunts me, having screwed it up like that, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to fix it.

But back on soulmates. How would you even know your soulmate is your soulmate? And what's wrong with going through multiple relationships not looking for the one? If you find someone you want to be with, then good. But what happens if you find someone you love, they don't turn out to be your soulmate and then you meet your soulmate? Do you just leave that other person behind, through them by the wayside because they're not the right one?

Of course my dating experience is extremely limited. This is just what I think.

Do I love Tobias? Yes. Do I think he's my soulmate? Probably not. Though, Trever is the other half of my soul, that's a different circumstance all together.

Patient: Kale Delvar
partners: Trever [livejournal.com profile] hidden_sith Tobias [livejournal.com profile] force_killer (non participant)
Fandom: Star Wars OC
Words: 267


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