Feb. 20th, 2008

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I'm going to go with Tobias, because... Trever's a bit obvious, no?

We met in this interdimensional place. I was walking past him and got smacked silly. Not by him. Not physically, at least. See, Tobias isn't connected to the Force any more.

What's the Force? It's what holds the universe together. It exists in almost every living being. Some people are born with the ability to sense it and they can manipulate things. It's like being connected to the galaxy. Tobias is not connected. He got forcibly ripped from it and he's like this hole in the Force. Imagine a sheet of cloth and then a hole cut out in the cloth. That's Tobias. And of course people who can see the cloth are going to notice the hole.

Which is what I did. We started talking and he turns out to be a Jedi Master and I'm a young Force Sensitive with no training. So he offers to teach me. I accepted because I always wanted to be a Jedi.

Patient's NameKale Delvar
Fandom:Star Wars
Word Count:223
Patient’s Partner: Tobias Donn (in this case)

It's really weird cause he's about twenty years older than me and we're about four thousand years apart in our respective times. It just seemed to happen randomly. Sure, lots of things have happened since then, but we're still sort of happy.

It's funny how life throws these things at you.


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