Feb. 11th, 2008

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It's been weird lately. I don't know. I ran into Zhin-ja the other day and he started... monologing for lack of a better term. I got bored quickly and hit him in the nuts. He shut up rather fast after that.

Revan, Akay and Axis are apparently going to go after the twit. He hurt Revan's alt and that's a Bad Thing.

Found some interesting stuff about the family. The Delvar Clan as it were. We're practically a clan. Perhaps a new Mandalorian clan? I shouldn't say that where Revan or Axis can hear that. They'll throttle me. Anyway, family.

One of the things about the Delvars is that we have a high rate of Force Sensitivity. Red head and Force Sensitive is what they used to say about us. It turns out that a Sith Lord was trying to breed a family of Force users. Where there was more than less Force Users in every generation. Then well, I guess he'd have his own army of Force Users. There's a Genetic marker in us that, we think can be turned on to make us do whatever the Sith Lord wants. Minions.

Fun, eh?

Finally, to make things even MORE interesting, it turns out we're descended from Revan.

Sometimes it feels like someone out there is giggling and saying "Wouldn't THIS be interesting to do?"


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