Jan. 26th, 2008

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The twins slipped into the club like shadows, dancers and patrons moving away from them without even realizing it. Kale smirked at Trever as he gestured his head towards the bar where a pair of girls sat staring out at the dancers, obviously longing to be out among them. Trever smiled widely just as he began to saunter to the girls, Kale following him just a step behind. The girls saw them, dressed practically alike in tight jeans (Trever in black, Kale in blue, shirts and leather jackets, and stared not believing that they were being approached.

"Hi," Trever said taking the girl on the left, a short blond with a bob haired cut and just slightly over weight. Not enough to make her fat, but enough to take her out of the skinny anorexic category. Well rounded perhaps. Nice and curvy.

"Um, hi," the blond said, barely able to speak. The idea of two devastatingly handsome men leaning next to her and her friend, a brunette with long hair and pale blue eyes that squinted. Perhaps she wore glasses and wasn't tonight to try and look more attractive.

"I'm Kale and that's my brother, Trever."

The two girls looked at the twins, smiling shyly. "Hi. I'm Casey," The brunette said.

"And I'm Shelly."

"Lovely to meet you," Kale purred smoothly. "Can we buy you two some drinks?"

Casey blushed and then nodded. "Sure," she said softly. Trever waved over the bartender and ordered the four of them drinks while Kale engaged the girls in small talk. When the drinks came Trever passed them out, talking to Shelly while Kale wrapped Casey around his finger. The two girls were so desperate for attention, especially from good looking boys that they let the twins spin them out onto the dance floor. They didn't even notice when the twins danced with themselves and not the girls for a bit. After all the music was loud and everyone danced with everyone else. And the twins did pay attention to them, holding them tight, grinding into them, whispering soft promises into their ears about a night they'll never forget.

As the night waned they found themselves being pulled out of the club, laughing from perhaps too much drink. The twins also laughed, but they didn't seem as drunk as the girls. If they had been sober they might have noticed the look on their faces. A hungry look. They pulled the girls into a car. A nice fancy car, convertible, white, slick, shiny and expensive. Top down, for it was warm night, not a cloud to be seen in the smoggy LA sky, and they drove up to Mulholland to look over the valley.

Trever leaned over to nuzzle and touch Casey while Kale did the same to Shelly. The girls sighed softly up until fangs bit into their necks.

Bodies tossed into the bushes, Trever leaned over and playfully nipped at Kale's neck as he started up the car. Kale laughed, putting the car into reverse and heading back down to the city. Dawn was coming and they didn't want to be caught outside.


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