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Out Of Character
Age: Old
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kippurbird
Contact: E-mail/AIM/Plurk/Yahoo!/etc. AIM kippurbird [plurk.com profile] kippur

In Character

What Canon Does the Character Come From: Star Wars (Saga Edition Role Playing Game)
Canon Point: Some time before Order 66 within a year... (DM didn't tell us how soon it would hit...)
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age:
Appearance: (Tell us any other details about what your character looks like. This can range from Height, Eye color, to types of clothing and style.)

World: (If your character is from a world not pre-existing, tell us about it. Give some good details but don’t get too carried away.)

Belongings: (What is your character bringing with them into the library… remember, all items and powers are powered down in the Library itself and will reactivate when going through a portal.)

Skills and Powers: Character Sheet(Whatever special powers your character might have will be inhibited in the Library itself. You do not want to damage the Library and make it harder to survive there. They will boost back to normal when through a portal.)

Bookmark Description:
(The bookmark will appear on your person when you wake up in the Library. It has an appearance when not activated, you tell us what it looks like. Otherwise it will act like a tablet, communication device, and way to keep tabs on your progress.)

History and Personality:
(Give a good idea of who this character is History wise, especially if they are from an existing canon. Personality needs to be 400 words at the very least. This needs to be well written and give your fellow players a good idea of what and who your character is.)


Remember, we are looking most specifically at your writing samples. Put your best into it! If you tried our test drive meme, you may link the thread to the style it fits below.

First Person/Action brackets:

(This will be done in brackets and can be a video or audio post that you would make on the main community.)

Third Person/Prose:
(This is done in prose with sentences and paragraphs. Show character introspect as well as actions and speaking. This is the style that will be used on the Logs community.)

Original Character App
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