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Original Canon Character Application

Out Of Character
Name: Kippur
Age: 33
Journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: ”kippurbird”] or [Bad username or site: ”kippurbird” @ ”livejournal.com”]
Contact: E-mail/AIM/Plurk/Yahoo!/etc. kippur@mad.scientist.com AIM: kippurbirdy Plurk: kippur

In Character
Name: Kale Delvar
Canon: Star Wars (based on the Saga Edition role playing game version. Here's his character sheet!
Canon Point: Just before Order 66.
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age: 23/23

Belongings: Lightsaber, two knives, a heavy blaster, blaster rifle (... he's coming in from a battle), power packs for blaster and rifle, Jedi Credit(it's a small coin like thing), tool kit, med kit, combat gloves, datapad, decrypter, communicator, security kit (like a lock picking set, but for electronics, credit chip.

Skills and Powers: Kale is a highly talented mechanic, hacker and pilot. He's got some knacks at jury-rigging almost anything and with some time get into most advanced computer systems. On the odd side of things he also knows a bit about farming and agriculture - but that's because he grew up on a farm.

As for powers, his come from the Force. The one he can't really turn off is his pyschometry, which is why he wears gloves all the time. Since it's "On" all the time, he's reluctant to use it, as it let's him see the last things that happened to the object, including emotions and bits of the person's personality can get lodged into his head. So if he's 'reading' something a Sith used, for example, it could nudge him a bit to the Dark Side, if the Sith's personality was strong enough. Average people won't make much of an impression, but say someone like Luke Skywalker or someone having an intense emotional experience will. A part of his psychometry is being able to talk to machines and drain their energy.

He can also do the Jedi Mind Trick (this is not the book you are looking for.) Other Force tricks he was learning involve "farseeing" which is sort of like seeing what someone else is doing and phasing through walls. He hasn't quite gotten those down yet. Oh and of course yea-old-Force Lighting.

How his powers would be limited into the gates, I would say that it would be down to his psychometry and Jedi Mind Trick. Though if the people have attention spans of goldfish the later might not really be needed.

Physical Description: Physically Kale is a bit taller than average and on the gangly side, far more dexterous than strong. He has pale skin that burns easily and a large smattering of freckles. His eyes are bright green and his hair is a brilliant red. The red hair is very common in his family - which is known for being Force Sensitive and Red Headed.

He tends to wear a leather flight jacket which hides his lightsaber in a holster. His blaster, tool and security kit hang on his belt while the rest of his things are in various pockets and pouches. He likes clothes with pockets, they let him carry stuff. One thing that he's never without are his gloves. He has two pairs, one are the combat gloves which are weighted and used for - as the name suggests - combat the other are a pair of plain leather ones which he wears for more every day things that require more manual dexterity. Generally he likes good, practical clothing that is easy to fix and easy to replace.

True to being a soldier in the middle of a heated war, Kale tends to walk like he's expecting to get jumped at any moment or launch into a firefight. He's not a leader or melee combatant, preferring to snipe at people - so he's always looking for places to hide, straying towards the shadows and walls and looking for a way out. When he's in a place he's fairly certain is safe, he tends to be the complete opposite of the tense movements he uses in other ways. He'll slouch and flop in chairs with lazy gestures, though his hand never is too far from where he can reach his blatser - or if need be - his lightsaber. Because you never know...

Book Description: Kale's is newish looking, but there's a lot of wear on the edges starting to show the pages. The back cover is missing (this is because he has a strong Force Bond with his twin brother and his brother is not there, so it's as if a part of him is missing.) The cover is an off white, near gray in color with a broken symbol of the Jedi on it. His bookmark looks like a strip of computer board motherboard in a sleek black. The widgets are painted on, but still visible.

History and Personality:

There are three important factors that shaped Kale's life, one happened thousands of years before he was born, one happened about ten years before he was born and one happened when he was born. The first was that his ancestor was Revan and a dark side Jedi decided to take some of his blood and create a line of powerful Force users from it, marking them with bright red hair so that they'd be easy to tell. This is a secret that no one in his family knows. The second involved his father, Calenvir Delvar, getting a vision of Order 66 and the decimation of the Jedi Order. In order to protect his family, his father - a Jedi Master - left the Order and went to Garqi, a small agriplanet on the edges of the outer rim. It was a small, dull planet, rather like Iowa and Kansas (Corn, corn, soybeans, corn, cows, corn, corn, soybeans, corn...) which made it perfect for a Jedi Master to go into hiding. The third was the birth of him and his twin brother, Trever. The two of them, it was quickly discovered, shared a very strong Force Bond. While their older brother Nalden showed little to no Force sensitivity the twins were very talented in it.

When Kale was about seven his had his first pyschometric incident. He and Trever had gotten into their mother's weapons cabinet - their mother was an ex-Jedi bounty hunter and while she probably didn't have any Force talent, she did have a serious knack for weapons - and Kale found a knife that she'd used to kill someone. He "read" what had happened to the person and went into near catatonic shock at the rather grisly murder. Trever reacted badly as well, though not falling into catatonia he was hurt. His father was able to bring him out of it and from then Kale started wearing gloves with near religious devotion. It was bad enough for him to have gone into shock, but when he realized what happened to his twin, he felt exceptionally guilty. They weren't supposed to hurt each other, after all.

Kale's life was relatively quiet beyond that incident. He and his brothers clamored for tales of his father's Jedi exploits. Kale and Trever 'borrowed' their father's lightsabers on occasions and fought against each other before getting eventually yelled at by their father. (Calenvir duel wielded with orange bladed lightsabers.) The twins raced on speeder bikes, terrorized livestock and helped out on the farm. They did everything together. When they were young until they were about twelve, they even slept in the same bed, unable to bear being separated for too long. Trever was the leader of the pair, always doing the instigating while Kale happily followed along doing whatever his brother wanted to do in most cases. When it came to romance they had completely different tastes all together, which showed that while their Force Bond made them seem identical in thoughts and deeds they were really different people. Trever liked girls and Kale wanted boys.

A lot of times it was hard to realize that they were really two different people. When they reached their teenage years they made conscientious efforts to try and distinguish themselves as individuals. It hurt badly for both of them but they forced themselves into it. This is when Kale took up learning how to work with computers and repairing machines and weapons, all which his mother taught him. He also learned how to fly various ships under his father's reluctant tutelage. Trever went for more natural work, with the livestock and the plants.

This worked enough that they were able to be their own people, even if they still felt the need to be near each other all the time. Kale was able to say no to his brother's ideas and sometimes even convince Trever to go along with his. They got their own rooms in the house and started plotting out their own different lives.

Things changed when the Clone Wars began. It started when the Jedi came back and visited Calenvir asking him to return to the temple and help, at least, train the new generation of Jedi Padawans. Calenvir refused. They returned three times and each time he refused though he told them of his visions of Order 66. Like Cassandra, they didn't believe him. Who could? Kale and Trever watched this and they watched the news. Trever wanted to go and join the army, Kale did not.

Then the worst day of Kale's life happened. He woke up one morning and Trever was gone. His brother had left during the night taking one of their father's lightsabers and his speeder bike and vanished. Kale was near panicked. How could his brother leave him like this!? Without telling him? How could he have not known his brother was planning this? They were twins. They did everything together, didn't they? It was the first time Kale ever really felt truly alone. Completely at a loss of what to do, he fell into a depressive funk, not leaving his room for weeks. He didn't realize he was that dependent on his brother for his well being.

Eventually he crawled out of it and was determined to find his brother. He didn't have to sneak out off the planet like his brother however, instead he got drafted into the army. His skills as a pilot and mechanic were sorely needed. His father managed to get him a good position in the army working with the Jedi Temple. They figured that if Trever was to be found the best way to do it would be discreetly using the resources of the Jedi. He took the other lightsaber and went into the vast and unknown galaxy at war.

It was during this time that he really started to learn exactly who he was as a person without a family, without a twin brother. He learned that passive aggressiveness was a good way to sometimes deal with idiotic superior officers even if it got you into trouble if you weren't careful. That taking orders from sixteen year old padawans who out ranked you by Galactic Senate ruling really sucked, though it was nice to be able to pass the trouble cred onto them when need be. He learned that he needed to hide his Force Abilities because otherwise the Jedi wouldn't trust him and he learned that people around him couldn't necessarily be trusted either. The galaxy was not at all like his small farm back home. He got drop-kicked into the reality of the situation when he got drafted, but he managed to swim. He hates taking orders from people as he spent most of his life not having to deal with such things as forms, paperwork, red tape. He'll break the rules if someone's life is on the line, but otherwise will prefer to stay in the background unnoticed, waiting and watching. He's found himself to be an opportunist. For example if an enemy droid has been momentarily incapacitated by a Jedi holding it by the Force he will happily dump a grenade on it and stroll away as it explodes.

He still misses his brother and aches to find him, but he knows that he can really, truly be his own person which is something he doesn't want to give up. And something he's afraid he might have to give up if he finds his brother again.

World Description: Star Wars Universe...?


First Person/Action brackets: [Actions in brackets]

[Video feed, somewhat hard to see as it's rather dark, the only light coming from the screen.]

Hey guys, I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is I found out where that passage went. The bad news is that it's straight through the floor and into a cellar... maybe? I don't know. Does this place even have them?

The important thing is that I am currently stuck. I have no rope or anyway to get back up. I'd try using the door but a bookcase - who'd have thought it- is blocking the door. I'd really like someone to find me, if that's all right. The hole opens up about ten meters after you get into the passageway. Bring a light. Mine kinda died when I fell on it. I'd fix it, but I don't have any light to see by.


Third Person/Prose:

Kale decided that the books were watching him. It was an odd thought to come to, but after a few days wandering around in the library, the idea just rather struck him. It made sense in a kind of strange way. The library was clearly alive, sort of, and had to be able to see somehow. He hadn't been able to find any sort of cameras that worked or anything else that could be considered eyes. And yet it knew things, it guided people. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end when he walked down certain aisles. The books - he still couldn't get over how quaint they were, paper and ink? really - were everywhere. They were the perfect ever watching sentinels.

Vaguely he wondered, finger lightly rubbing against his blaster's trigger, if there was away to test it out. And then he wondered, did he really want to know this. It was bad enough being in this place. Did he really to know for a fact that the library was watching him in his every waking and sleeping moment? Whenever there were books around he'd be spied on?

It would be worse than with Trever. At least his brother would leave him alone to use the refresher and shower.

He fought back the thought with a shiver and tried to banish it.

Unfortunately it refused to do so.

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