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Jaydepuff: Tobias: I'm leaving.
Alec Troven: Kale: Whut?
Jaydepuff: Tobias: You heard me. I'm leaving.
Alec Troven: Kale: Why?!
Jaydepuff: Tobias: Because I just can't stay. You can't keep leaning on me, you have to stand on your own.
Alec Troven: Kale: But.. but...
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *firmly* No buts. I'm going.
Alec Troven: Kale Why! What'd I do?
Jaydepuff: Tobias: It's nothing you did.
Alec Troven: Kale: Oh? Really? Where are you going? And why? Because I can't stay isn't a Force Damn answer!
Jaydepuff: Tobias: I'm going home, and my reasons are my own.
Alec Troven: Kale: That's hardly fair. What am I supposed to do?
Jaydepuff: Tobias: I'm not the only person you have, Kale. Go to them, they can support you better than I could.
Alec Troven: Kale: How? How the Force are they supposed to do that? You promised!
Jaydepuff: Tobias: I can't help you, Kale!
Alec Troven: Kale: I don't want you to help! I want you to be there!
Jaydepuff: Tobias: I have been, and it hasn't helped at all!
Alec Troven: Kale: So. You're just.. going to leave.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: It's time that I try taking care of myself instead of everyone else, for once.
Alec Troven: Kale: ... are you going to come back.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: Maybe.
Alec Troven: Kale: I ... just.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: It's not your fault.
Alec Troven: Kale: I'm sorry you feel like you need to leave. I'm sorry you weren't happy here. I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for you.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *pinches bridge of nose* Don't say that.
Alec Troven: Kale: Why not?
Jaydepuff: Tobias: I was happy, and you were good enough.
Alec Troven: Kale: Apparently not.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *sighs* If you're going to be like this, I'm just going to leave.
Alec Troven: Kale: no. Please. No. I'm sorry. I'm just... *hands through hair* I don't know... I'm confused.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: Don't be sorry. *quietly* Go to your family.
Alec Troven: Kale: I don't want to.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: Then I don't know what you'll do. *turns to go*
Alec Troven: Kale: Tobias... *grabs his arm*
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *shrugs him off* I can't stay.
Alec Troven: Kale: I.. just.. I know... I guess. I don't know.. I mean.. *tries to hug him*
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *allows it*
Alec Troven: Kale:*hugs him tightly*
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *hugs - not so tight*
Alec Troven: Kale:*of course* *pulls away* *runs hands through hair again**softly* Bye... Be happy.
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *kisses his forehead lightly, pulls back* Find your happiness. *turns again, walks away*
Alec Troven: Kale:*hugs himself*
Jaydepuff: Tobias: *goes and is gone*

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